SMOBO AND CLEAN & GREEN AWARDEE   Top 3 Most Outstanding Barangay Captain   No. NAME OF AWARDEE BARANGAY RANK 1. NILO H. NARCISO Kagawasan 1ST 2. CESAR J. BETET Balanagan 2ND 3. YOLIGARIO R. ALBARICO Tinggabulong 3RD   Top 3 Most Outstanding Barangay Kagawad   No. NAME OF AWARDEE BARANGAY RANK 1. BASIT D. continue reading : SMOBO RESULTS 2016


                The Municipality of Dimataling was created by virtue of Republic Act No. 555 signed by the late President Elpidio Quirino on June 17, 1950. The word “Dimataling” was taken after the name of a Muslim warrior who in the early days was responsible in protecting the lives continue reading : HISTORY

Welcome Visitors!

             On behalf of the Local Government Unit of Dimataling, I am pleased to present the accomplishments and latest updates of our Municipality. The past years have been productive for the Municipal Government due to the continued support and cooperation of the LGU Dimataling employees in par with the competent continue reading : Welcome Visitors!