The Municipality of Dimataling was created by virtue of Republic Act No. 555 signed by the late President Elpidio Quirino on June 17, 1950. The word “Dimataling” was taken after the name of a Muslim warrior who in the early days was responsible in protecting the lives and properties of the people from hostile invaders. Dimataling means “Brave Warrior.”

            Dimataling was originally inhabited by Muslims during its initial creation on June 17, 1950. Like most of the municipalities and towns of Zamboanga del Sur, settlers eventually came in, although not as many as those in major municipalities such as Midsalip or Aurora. Most of the migrants who came in are Christians, mostly Cebuanos, and until now, both peoples are co-existing peacefully with each other. Muslims and Subanens, however, are still the prevalent group of people and their customs are the ones that a visitor will often see in their first trip to the place.