Front view of the Municipal Hall

Front view of the Municipal Hall

        Known as one of Zamboanga del Sur’s oldest towns, Dimataling is a 4th class municipality situated at the eastern part of the Baganian Peninsula, south of Pagadian City, comprising the western shores of Illana Bay; bounded by the municipalities of Dinas and San Miguel on the North; by Illana Bay on the east; by the Municipality of Tabina and Pitogo on the South; and by portions of the Municipalities of Margusatubig, Vincinso Sagun and Maligay Bay on the West. It has a total land area of 11,343.73 hectares where 89.58% is devoted for agriculture. The major agricultural crops being produced in the municipality are rice, corn, copra/coconut, cassava, banana, mangoes and some other fruit trees.

           Dimataling is also one of the coastal towns within the Baganian Peninsula which is endowed with rich marine product. Fishing and Agar-Agar plantation is one of the major sources of livelihood of the coastal residents.

        The Municipality of Dimataling is composed of 24 barangays with a population of 27,715 with 5,770 households as of the 2010 census.

Population census of Dimataling


Pop. ±% p.a.








2007 26,902





Source: National Statistics Office