(JANUARY TO December 2015)

Main Routine Works and Activities
  1. General Revision of Assessments and Property Classification
  • Its initial activity has started on January and will last until June 30 on the Filing of Sworn Statement of fair Market Value of Real Property by the Land Owner pursuant to Section 202 of R.A. 7160 of Local Government Code and as required by Section 6 of PD 464. Further per articles 293-(d_ and 294-(d) of the IRR of the Local Government Code as of 1991, which provides that “all property, including the improvements thereon, within a city or municipality, shall prepare or caused to be prepared, and file with the Provincial, city or Municipal assessor, a Sworn Statement declaring the true value of their property or properties, whether previously declared or undeclared, taxable or exempt.
  • As of April 30, 2015, only 601 Real Property Owners have filed their Sworn Statements.
  • Expected Sworn Statements: 8,000
  • The office will be providing Sworn Statement Forms in 2 copies each to our Real Property Owners in which one copy for the filer and the other one for the office file.

Seminar Attended:

  1. Compliance Reporting Seminar (January 19 to 21 2015) at Chandler Suites, Pagadian City
  • in which detailed preparation of the schedule of market value for general revision of assessment was discussed.
  1. Preparation and Processing of Transfer of Ownership of Land (involves the appraisal and assessment of land subject to transfer, the preparation of Field Appraisal and Assessment Sheet (FAAS) and Tax Declaration for Submission to the Provincial Assessor for his review and approval)
  • As of April 30,2015, the office has transferred 36 new land owners.


  1. 136 Certified True Copy of Tax Declarations
  2. 35 Certificates of Land Holdings
  3. 20 Certifications of Barangay Site
  4. 8 Notice of Assessment to Delinquent Taxpayers

by Dante Q. Perez