Consistent with the LGU’s program of development, the office of the municipal agriculture has taken up steps towards the attainment of the said goal. Various activities were undertaken. There were around 250 farmers who received farmers’ certification and Farm Plan and Budget for Rice. Moreover, around 100 bags of rice were given to the Irrigators Farmer’s Association of Sugbay Uno and of Buburay. We have also released certified rice seeds and fertilizer to around 50 farmers from Sugbay Uno and another 50 from Buburay. In addition, around 80 farmers of Brgy. Kagawasan, Brgy. Tiniguangan, and Brgy. Codilog were insured to the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation for the month of April to May 2015. This is a free crop insurance to PCIC in case of weather and pest & diseased damages. For the months of August to September, around 100 farmers were insured.

The Municipality of Dimataling has also been pushing for the integrated rice-duck farming wherein farmers trade in their expensive and harmful chemical sprayers for week-old ducklings that will work in their rice fields. This way, farmers also gain extra income from the sale of duck meat and duck eggs, whether raw or processed into salted egg or balut, a Filipino delicacy that is in very high demand. We’ve monitored around 8 hectares of rice duck farm.

Post Harvest Facilities Intervention and Other Equipment Facilities:

We’ve also established a trichoderma center for production of organic fertilizer and enhanced the agri-business industry by providing modern post-harvest facilities.

The Farmers Association of Sumbato received one unit of thresher worth Php 100,000.00 from our office. Aside from this, we’ve also given 5 units of Multi-Purpose Drying Pavement worth Php 950,000.00 to the Farmers Association of Balanagan. Another unit of collapsible dryer worth Php28, 000.00 was given to the Women Empowerment Movement-Rural Improvement Club (WEM-RIC) Municipal Federation. Moreover, to support the Banana Growers Association, we’ve given them one (1) Banana Processing Plant (building) worth one million pesos (Php 1,000,000,000.00).

Furthermore, with a budget of Php 300,000.00, our office together with the PAMANA DAR funded for the Repair of Irrigation Dam of the Sugbay Uno Irrigators Association. We have also constructed an Irrigation Dam worth Php 1.9 million at Sugbay Uno, Dimataling.


Dimataling is an agricultural municipality even if it’s a coastal town. The office has intensified its campaign in upland barangays for modern technology farming. With a budget of around Php3,400,000.00, we’ve constructed a Village type of Corn Cab Dryer and Trading Facility for the Farmers Association at the Upper Barangays (Corn Cluster Area).  Aside from this, we have also released corn seeds to the corn farmers of Community Fund for Agricultural. Moreover, we have also sustained the production of rice and corn of 60 to 90 cavans respectively through placement of support facilities and financial assistance.


In support of LGU’s program of development for the HVCC growers, the office managed to provide assistance most needed by them so that they’ll be encouraged to expand their investment and hereby increased their contribution to our ecosystem growth and could also actively participate in global competition. We’ve distributed vegetable seeds and mung beans seeds to all 24 barangays of the Municipality of Dimataling.


The Municipality of Dimataling is very serious in its campaign to protect its marine resources. Thus, our office has come up with plan of action/activities that would sustain the well-being and subsistence of fishers. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) together with our office, the Department of Agriculture, have purchased 2 units of engine patrol boats equipped with navigational tools for the Seaborne and Bantay Dagat Patrol. This is to strengthen their capabilities to curb illegal fishing activities. These multi-mission vessels will be used for patrolling coastal areas, monitoring, surveillance, as well as quick response to disaster and responses. Moreover, BFAR also funded for the construction of Fish Landing worth Php 2,085,000.00 located at Brgy. Buburay. They also gave the Bacayawan Fisher Folks two (2) unit of fishing boat. Aside from these, the fisher folks of Codilog and Sumbato planted 5 hectares of Bakhaw seedlings at Codilog for the Mangrove Rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) dispersed around 10,000 kilos of seaweeds seedlings to the fisher folks of Brgy. Saloagan, Brgy. Sumbato, Codilog, Brgy. Buburay, Brgy. Grap, and Brgy. Bacayawan. Not just that, they’ve also given seven (7) pieces of fish pots, twenty (20) pieces of hook and line, two (2) units of marine engine, and ten (10) pieces of live vest to the Intervention for Fisher folks Association of Brgy. Bacayawan, Brgy. Grap, and Brgy. Sumbato. Lastly, the office of BFAR also did a training on Post Harvest and Processing of Marine Product: Fish ball, seaweed crackers making, etc.