The Municipal Accounting Office of the Local Government Unit is committed to perform all its assigned task and duties to be able to provide timely financial information which are necessary in making decisions which will benefit the whole Local Government and its constituents. For the first quarter of the Calendar Year 2015, the Municipal Accounting Office has been very busy closing the books for the Calendar Year 2014 and making the Financial Statements 2014. The February 14, 2015 deadline had been met and the exit conference (where the Commission on Audit  discussed 9 significant audit findings) had been held before February ends. Overall, the exit conference went very smooth and they applauded the efforts of the Municipality of Dimataling because of improvements in its financial aspects.

      Aside from the workload from the LGU, the accounting office is also held responsible for the receiving of the transmittal and disbursement vouchers from the barangays of Dimataling and the making of their Annual Financial Statements. The making of the monthly payroll together with remittances to GSIS, PAIGIBIG, PHILHEALTH, and BIR is also done in the accounting office as well as coding of vouchers. After the transaction is completed, the voucher for the general fund, special education fund and trust fund were segregated and filed. Local collections were also recorded which is reconciled with the treasury department.

      Moreover, last June 8, 2015, in line with the celebration for the 65th Araw ng Dimataling, different activities were held and conducted. Of course, the accounting personnel had willingly and actively participated with the various activities. It was a 2 week celebration where almost everyone in the local government, the barangays and the other entire national agencies unite to celebrate the anniversary of our municipality.

      For the rest of the year, the accounting office does its routinely activities such as the posting of local collections, making of payrolls, remittances, journalizing of disbursement vouchers, posting to the different subsidiary ledgers and specially the making of the quarterly financial statements which is to be posted in Full Disclosure Policy Portal.


  1. Janice Lomocso (Municipal Accountant)
  2. Josefina J. Bayobay (Supervising Administrative IV)
  3. Chloue Q. Mayordomo (Process Server I)
  4. Arlyn R. Ugbamen (Process Sever I)
  5. Daylinda D. Taton (Revenue Collection Clerk I)
  6. Recta Gumintad (Administrative Aide I)