The Local Government Unit of Dimataling, through the leadership of Mayor Haniel C. Baya has acquired Heavy and Light Equipment to improve road network condition to facilitate ease access of commuting public.

The LGU has purchased two (2) units heavy equipment: one (1) unit of KOBELCO Backhoe Excavator and One (1) SAKAI Vibrating Road Roller in the amount of TWENTY MILLION NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND Pesos (Php 20,900,000.00) with two units Light Vehicles; one (1) unit Ten (10) Wheeler Dump Truck and one (1) unit six wheeler Dump Truck. Acquisition of this Heavy and Light Equipment were made possible through the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) who granted us a loan.

The LGU through its local funds also purchased two (2) Mini-Dump Trucks. One (1) unit of this is for the Municipal Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRMMO).

We also have implemented the expansion of water system a cost sharing projects of DILG-BUB-LGU cost sharing program in the amount of TEN MILLION SEVEN HUDRED THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FOUR AND 19/100 (Php 10,735,164.19).

The Department of Agriculture granted the amount of One (1) million pesos for the Construction of one (1) unit one (1) storey Banana Chips Factory Building. This project is now 100% complete.

The Department of Agrarian Reform through their PAMANA-ARA Phase 1 has granted us the amount of TWO MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND Pesos (Php 2,700,000.00) or THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND Pesos (php 300,000.00) per Barangay. Project implemented involves the Construction of Solar Driers, Multi-Purpose Drying Pavement, Construction of Multi Purpose Building and Purchase of 2’0 P.E. Pipes. Rehab/repairs of FSDC Dam. Another project from the Department of Agrarian Reform through its BUB-LGU cost sharing program has also granted the amount of TWO MILLION SECEN HUNDRED SEVEN THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED SEVENTY SEVEN PESOS and 77/100 centavos (Php 2,707,777.77). For the construction of one (1) Unit Box Culvert along Sugbay Uno Creek at Barangay Sugbay Uno.

For our locally funded projects; Implementation of Barangay Road Rehab. Maintenance was made possible through sharing method to some barangays. The equipment was provided by the Municipal LGU and the fuel, oil, and lubricants were provided by the Barangays.

Crowning, Sectional Dumping and Grading of the following road sections were also implemented. Balanagan-Tinggabulong FRM, Quary to Poblacion FMR, Libertad-Baluno FMR, Libertad-Mercedes FMR, Buburay-Lawis FMR and portion of Magahis-Dimataling to Magahis Margos Road Section. Hauling of embankment materials for the construction of access road to the proposed Fish Landing Community Center Building.

Construction of Access Road to FSDC Dam in the amount of FIVE HUNDRED SEVENTY THOUSAND Pesos (Php 570,000.00) and rehabilitation of Mahayag-Libertad FMR in the amount of TWO MILLION FIFTY SEVEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED ONE and 13/100 Pesos (Php 2,057,801.13)

For water system project, we have constructed the TWENTY THOUSAND liters capacity Steel Tank erected beside the Municipal Hall Building of Dimataling. Construction cost is ONE MILLION ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY SIX Pesos (Php 1,186,000.00). This tank is now on service.


            Improvement of Zubiri Building was completed this year and currently utilized as the Municipal Engineering office and KALAHI-CIDDS Office Building.

            Construction of JH Cerilles State College is still on-going.

            Construction of perimeter fence of Multi-Purpose Building at Sitio Guling, Tiniguangan is 100% complete.

            Services rendered include the issuance of Building Permit.