The actual census of population in 2000 is 25,843 in 4,949 households while in the 2010 census the population is 27,715 in 5,546 households. These are distributed among its twenty four (24) barangays. Based on these actual censuses of population the average household size is Five (5) with an annual growth rate of 2.28 %. Based on the year 2000 actual census, there are Four Major Ethno Linguistic Groups in the municipality. Forty percent (40%) of the total population is Visayan or Bisaya, Tirty Seven percent (37 %) Cebuano, Nine percent (9 %) Maguindanao, and Five percent (5 %) are Subanen. The remaining percentage is from the northern part of the country and the island of Mindanao.

The major dialects are Visayan/Bisaya, Cebuano, Maguidanao, Subanen, Ilonggo, Illocano, Bul-anon, Tausog, Samal, Iranon and Chabacano. About Sixty percent (60 %) of majority of the population belongs to the Roman Catholic, Fifteen percent (15 %) Islam, Eight (8 %) Evangelicals, Five percent (5 %) Aglipay while the other minority belongs to different denominations like iglesia Ni Cristo, Seventh Day Adventist, UCCP, and other Denominations.