Dimataling is a fourth (4th) class municipality. As of 2012 the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) is Php 50,079,977.00 plus the local income of Php 3,690,209.00 totaling to Php53, 776,120.00 and this represents the total income of the year. The municipality has an approximate total land area of 141.80 Square Kilometer or 14,180 hectares where Eighty Nine point fifty Eight percent (89.58 %) is devoted for agriculture. The major agricultural crops being produce in the municipality are rice, corn, copra/coconut, cassava, banana, mangoes and some other fruit trees.

Land Uses:

                                                      Area(has.)                              Percentage

Agricultural                    12,702.440                                   89.58 

Forest                                     68.064                                      0.48 

Residential                          450.924                                      3.18 

Industrial                             171.578                                      1.21 

Others                                  786.994                                      5.55 

            Dimataling is one of the coastal towns within the Baganian Peninsula. This could be reached both by land and through water. There are buses and jeepneys plying the Pagadian-Pitogo-Tabina routes passing through Dimataling regularly. Aside from these, there are tricycles and motorcycles that transport passenger to the barangays and nearby municipalities.

          With the recent improvement of provincial and national road connecting from the city and other municipalities it is expected that there will be better accessibility. However there is still a need to construct and improve farm to market road within the municipality. The present land transportation facilities servicing in the area is already fair enough to accommodate the commuting public.  Transport operators are from Pagadian City, Pitogo, Tabina and a few or some operator from Dimataling.

       Most of the farmers in the rural barangays are also raising livestock while in some semi-urban or urban barangays there also small or backyard piggery.  The most common livestock for meat production are cow or cattle, goats, swine, and poultry. Carabao and horses are primarily utilized in the farming activities for land cultivation and transporting farm products.

Major Crops   Annual (Estimated)      Areas (has.)

                       Production (cavans)      Planted  


  1. Rice 473,500                     5,430
  2. Corn 260,000 2,600
  3. Copra 366,013 4,575


Other Crops:      1,645 MT (mangoes, cassava, banana, mongo, etc.)

            Marketing of Agricultural crops or farm products, livestock and aqua marine products is either done by selling to some local and transient traders or directly to the City of Pagadian. The absence of Industrial manufacturing and lack of organized and successful cooperatives in the area gives advantages to the trading sector to gain control of prices of farm products that greatly affects the economic status of the farmers.


Business Establishments                        No. of Establishments

 (with permit to operate only)

Sari-Sari Store                                              79

Carenderia                                                    2

Blacksmith                                                    1

Dry Goods                                                     5

Bakeshop                                                      2

Rice and Corn Mills                                     10

Parlor/Barber Shop                                      1

Billiard and Videoke Shop                           4

Fish Dealer                                                   2

Fish Buyer                                                      1

Rice Retailer                                                   5

Agricultural Products Buyer                       16

Tailoring                                                          2

Dress Shop                                                     1

Vulcanizing Shop                                          2

General Merchandize                                 12

Buy and Sell (Banana)                               2

Hauling Services                                         1

            There are eleven coastal barangays found in the municipality namely Sumpot, Buburay, Bacayawan, Poblacion, TiniguanganandMahayag in the east coast of Illana Bay and Sugbay Uno, Sumbato, Tipangi,Salaoaganand Grapon the West at Maligay Bay. Estimated productive fishpond areas of four hundred sixty two hectares are also located in coastal barangays of Buburay, Bacayawan, Poblacion, Sugbay Uno, Sumbato and Tipangi. Due to its geographic formation the municipal waters of Dimataling is far smaller in area compared to its adjacent coastal municipalities. Fish pond operators are producing Bangus, Sugpo or lokon, Tilapya and some other naturally grown species while several varieties of fish catches in the municipal fishing areas.  Other alternative source of livelihood among the fisher folks is the seaweeds culture or seaweeds production and a pilot project of fish culture on lapu-lapu fish production by making fish cages.


Fishing Ground:  Barangays Poblacion, Sumpot, Bacayawan, Buburay, Tipange, Saloagan, Mahayag, Grap, Sugbay 1, Sumbato and Tiniguangan

Annual Fish catch: 600MT (estimated)

Fish Ponds:              418.6456 hectares

Power Supply

            ZAMSURECO-I have already served all of the barangays in the municipality yet only about forty-two percent (42 %) of the total number of households was being served. This is because most of the households that had availed power service are those along the roads and those in the urban center. A frequent power interruption usually occurs during drought season.


            The municipality has only one postal station or post office serving the 24 barangays. However, at present, most of the barangays are reachable through mobile cellular phones.

Type                          No. of Services

Postal                                     1

Telegraph                              None

Telephone                 1 (Public Calling Booth)

Radio Station                        None

TV Stations                           None

Print Media                            None

Internet                                  3

Cell Sites                   2 (Smart & Globe)

Others (SSB radio)  1 (Police Station)

Water Supply

            Only twelve out of the twenty-four barangays or fifty percent (50 %) have level 2 or level 3 water supply systems and three of which are using submersible pumps. Barangay Kagawasan where the municipal hall is located has a level III being operated under the municipal economic enterprise. Households in some other barangays are drawing water from deep well, shallow well or natural spring.

Other Infrastructure and Facilities

There are approximately 102.152 kilometers of roads constructed in the entire municipality. Classified as follows:


Roads               Provincial.              Municipal.                Barangay.

Concrete        15.956                          1.565                        1.211

Gravel            20.979                        9.751             38.420

Earth Dirt       .565                4.751             8.954 

Total Length           37.500               16.067                        48.585           


Administrative Classification           Length x width

  1. Buburay Bridge (RCDG)                  30m x 8m
  2. Buburay Bailey Bridge 25m x 5m
  3. Libertad overflow   20m x 6m
  4. Tiniguangan overflow    6m x 6m
  5. Saloagan Bridge   30m x 6m


There are 5 Government Fish Ports located in the barangays of Buburay, Bacayawan, Poblacion, Mahayag and Salaoagan