On behalf of the Local Government Unit of Dimataling, I am pleased to present the accomplishments and latest updates of our Municipality. The past years have been productive for the Municipal Government due to the continued support and cooperation of the LGU Dimataling employees in par with the competent and experienced elected officials by the virtue of due prioritization of plans and projects. We continue to work hard to maintain the quality of services to all our citizens and visitors to our community. And while there is so much to accomplish in the days ahead, I am proud of all the hard work our Municipal Officials and staff have accomplished.

    While my position requires that I be very “hands-on” with respect to the Municipality’s day-to-day operations, time must be made to communicate with the citizens of Dimataling. I intend for this website to be an extension of the Mayor’s role as the Municipality’s Chief Communicator, connecting Dimataling residents to the inner workings of the Mayor’s Office, the new developments in the community- and all of the reasons why I believe Dimataling is the greatest place to raise a family, own a business, and call HOME.

     I hope that you become a regular reader for the municipality news, updates, and useful information that you can share with family and friends. Have a good year ahead!


Municipal Mayor